Andre Conate

Andre Conate

Looking at the Australian national statistics of crimes (particularly against women), Andre knew there needed to be a safe environment where everyone can learn self defence. Having studied martial arts for over 25 years she felt that she was the most qualified person to bring this empowering environment to life. She wanted everyone to feel safe and capable of self protection if any situation called for it.

Saturday, 04 January 2020 06:10

Introductory Course

Want to train in a unique environment filled with empowering people?

This introductory program is purpose built for people who want to learn self defence on a regular basis. This trial includes a one-on-one lesson and a group lesson so you can meet your instructor, learn street smart self defence and discover what regular classes are like.

Monday, 18 November 2019 02:51

Weekly Classes

Want to train in an environment with no egos and lead by strong women with over 25 years experience? We hold regular self defence classes for men, women and gender diverse people in a fun and safe environment.

Monday, 18 November 2019 02:29

Regular Weekly Classes

Want to train in a unique environment filled with empowering women? This program is purpose built for people who want to learn self defence on a regular basis.

Sunday, 03 November 2019 20:41

Regular Self Defence Classes for Women

You've been asking for it, we have been wanting to deliver it. Now it's actually going to happen! We are opening up a full time centre dedicated to teaching self defence.

On 20th of Feb 2019 I had the pleasure of recording a self defence course with Jo Stanley and Rachael Finch. 

Let me just say, it was a ball to meet these wonderful women and to share some of the most basic self defence skills with them.

On Monday 18th of Feb 2019 I received a phone call from Rose, a producer on channel 10’s The Project. She made me aware that there was an incident on the news about an intruder breaking into a house. After a scuffle with the homeowner the intruder died. Police are investigating the incident and took the homeowner in for questioning.

We discussed some points about self defence and what could people do to protect themselves. My advice to all people who want to learn basic self defence is simple.

I’m going to quickly show you how to set up your iPhone SOS and emergency feature. 

If you have one of these little iPhones.

I started self defence training as an 11 year old after my Dad told me about Taekwondo, a martial art that was similar to Karate. Yes, I was a big fan of The Karate Kid and I was obsessed with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so getting me involved in martial arts wasn't hard. In fact, as soon as I saw my first sparring session I was convinced that I would also be fighting in competitions. Now, I look back, and there were many benefits of learning self defence as a child / teenager.

I have heard a lot of self defence advice in my 20+ years practicing martial arts. There are a many great tips and there are many… not so great tips. I’ve heard my share of average advice and by average I mean, it’s highly unlikely that I would ever be in a situation where this is the best option to take.

Self Defence Courses with Female Instructors

We are about creating a safe space where you can learn self defence

Our training hall is located in Altona North and our locals live in -

Altona, Brooklyn, Laverton North, Newport, South Kingsville, Williamstown, South Melbourne, Yarraville, Hoppers Crossing, Tarneit and Werribee (just to name a few).

For private group bookings we can come to your location.

Melbourne, Footscray, Spotswood and other areas around Melbourne Metro Area and Greater Melbourne.

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