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How to set up your iPhone for emergencies correctly

I’m going to quickly show you how to set up your iPhone SOS and emergency feature.

Continue watching if you have an iPhone. Watch the rest of the video to learn how to set up your phone for emergencies.

A breakdown of how to set up your iPhone for emergencies correctly

  1. You can go into settings
  2. Search SOS and you’ll see emergency sos pop up.
  3. Activate Call with Side Button
  4. If you press the lock button and one of your volume buttons at the same time it will activate the emergency feature.
  5. If you press the lock button 5 times in quick succession, it’s going to automatically call Emergency Services or Triple Zero (in Australia).
  6. Turn off the Countdown Sound so it will stealthy make the call without alarming those around you.

Watch the video below to view how to set up your phone for emergencies.

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Can't watach the video? Here is the transcript.


I'm going to quickly show you how to use your iPhone to set up SOS and the emergency feature if you have one of these little iPhones you can go into settings just to set this up in search.

If you don't see this search bar right here or drag your screen down and it will pop up sometimes it shows up like this but definitely do that. So we can go search s.o.s and you'll see emergency SOS pop up.

Now the call with side button is right here.

So you've got your finger on this and this (one of the volume buttons and lock button).

If you push them and hold it's going to activate the emergency. So it'll either be your call emergency services or it will be you know display your medical information now what I like to do is call with side button.

So basically if you press this lock button five times in quick succession it's going to automatically call triple zero.

Now before it does that and the default is that it makes a loud sound for some reason.

You want to go to countdown sound if you want that loud sound leave it on which would be like so if you don't want that loud sound turn it off.

Now, I guess the purpose of having a loud sound is to make aware that people around you that you need some help but I would say turn it off because in some situations you may not want everybody or the person who's attacking you to know too that you're going to be ringing the triple zero so I would turn that feature off turn it off so it's not highlighted.

So now when you press this lock button five times it's going to ring emergency SOS but we're gonna mmm we're going to stop that for now because we don't need them.

If you find yourself in a confined space and you're trying to de-escalate a situation but don't feel comfortable start calling triple zero okay because you don't want to wait until it's too late.

You want to start calling them and have them on the phone and they can actually listen to this conversation and if you can keep them on the phone for as long as you can,

How long they find your location will depend on whether or not the phone belongs to you if you've got the correct up updated address and all that sort of stuff so keep them on the phone as long as possible you can do your five five hits you feel it vibrate but it won't make any noise so when you feel that bright vibrate you know that it's already beginning the process to call and the people in emergency services.

They'll be able to hear your call and send out their appropriate people.

I'm going to find an emergency services person and we're going to call we're going to talk about what their procedures are so you're aware of what happens when you start
that call what is it that they need to find out from you what is it that you need to tell them as soon as you can and any other useful information.

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Written by Andre Conate
Posted 08 April 2019

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