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Self Defence Hub is a social enterprise that was founded in January 2014 by Andre Conate, who has an extraordinary passion for people's empowerment and safety.

Looking at the Australian national statistics of crimes (particularly against women), Andre knew there needed to be a safe environment where everyone can learn self defence. Having studied martial arts for over 25 years she felt that she was the most qualified person to bring this empowering environment to life. She wanted everyone to feel safe and capable of self protection if any situation called for it.

Self Defence Hub focuses creating a safe space to learn self defence and above all, have fun doing it.

Andre was recognised as the expert in Self Defence and was featured on Channel 10's, The Project.  Self Defence Hub was also featured on The House of Wellness on Channel 7.

hobsons bay creating social change winners 2Most recently we became the winners of 2021 Hobsons Bay Business Excellence Award for creating social change, with our main focus to help women go from being victims of crime to survivors and helping younger students build confidence.

We understand that trying a self defence class can be daunting...

but you can have complete confidence that we will take you though each step with thorough guidance and expert knowledge of over 25 years experience. There are no egos in the group. We support each other and empower one another.

2hr self defence course 1Courses designed to empower participants

Head Instructor Andre

Andre Conate
Pronouns - she/her


Andre Conate at one of many Taekwondo event. In traditional Dobok (uniform) and martial arts stances.Andre Conate at one of many Taekwondo events. In traditional Dobok (uniform) and martial arts stances.

"At 14 I started as a trainee instructor for Hall's Taekwondo in Brunswick, Vic. I received my black belt about 4 months prior to becoming a trainee. I was so nervous as I was a really shy and quiet person. Becoming a trainee gave me confidence."
- Andre

By the time she was 16, Andre began leading junior classes. She was responsible for student growth, skills development and ensuring students were ready for their grading (an event when a student can get assessed for a higher rank). At such a young age she was already empowering students. She gives a lot of credit to her head instructor and mentor Martin Hall for pushing her and encouraging her to be the best at every training session.

She really enjoyed being in the presence of Lauren Burns while she was on her path to the Olympic Gold Medal.

Andre Conate at one of many Taekwondo events. At the front with other top instructors.Andre Conate (front row and first on the left) at a Taekwondo event. Front row with other top instructors from the club. She was the youngest instructor in the front row which is a high honour.

Andre with Dan Vere Flint (owner of Dans Martial Arts) and Paul Lyons (Dual Olympian and owner of Fighting Lyons).Andre with Dan Vere Flint (second from the left in the front row) Owner of Dans Martial Arts and Paul Lyons (in the red top) dual Olympian and founder of Fighting Lyons. Ruanna Segal (first on the right in the front row) 3rd Dan black belt and responsible for most of our amazingly curated Facebook posts.

Andre developed her martial arts knowledge from a range of instructors. She credits Master Dan Vere Flint for introducing her to a more family style training facility. She credits Stefan Gorgievski for introducing her to Kyoshu Jitsu (focuses on the body's pressure points) and Systema (Russian Military Style).

systema workshopParticipating in a Systema workshop with Brendan Zettler from Canada circa 2011

"At 16 if you told me I was going to be a self defence instructor I absolutely would not have believed you. It just started as an interest and the more I learned the more I wanted to know and it grew from there. I don't think there will be a time when I will ever stop learning new skills."
- Andre

Learning Kyoshu Jitsu with Master Jim CornLearning Kyoshu Jitsu with Master Jim Corn

Andre participating in the TriMaster seminar learning elements of Fudoshin Combat System with Sensei Darren BallAndre participating in the TriMaster seminar learning elements of Fudoshin Combat System with Sensei Darren Ball

Master Ruanna Segal and Andre at a self defence hub gradingBlessed to have Master Ruanna Segal at a self defence hub grading ensuring that the students are masterful in self defence.

Andre's first competition sparring match in Taekwondo (1994)Andre's first competition sparring match in Taekwondo (1994)

Andre's first out of club training session. She was 16 when she taught her peers self defence for her high school's communications project.Andre's first out of club training session. She was 16 when she taught her peers self defence for her high school's communications project.

It wasn't until I got older I realised that the power of mindset is what will get you though hardship. If people can trust their instincts and learn the power their body is capable of, they will feel genuinly confident in their own abilities.
- Andre

As you can probably tell, Andre doesn't just run courses for self defence. She runs courses for empowerment. If you would like to participate in a class with Andre check out our courses.


Self Defence Courses with Female Instructors

We are about creating a safe space where you can learn self defence

Our training hall is located in Altona North and our locals live in -

Altona, Brooklyn, Laverton North, Newport, South Kingsville, Williamstown, South Melbourne, Yarraville, Hoppers Crossing, Tarneit and Werribee (just to name a few).

For private group bookings we can come to your location.

Melbourne, Footscray, Spotswood and other areas around Melbourne Metro Area and Greater Melbourne.

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