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We're an award winning social enterprise that was founded in January 2014 by Andre Conate, who has an extraordinary passion for people's empowerment and safety.

If you're wanting to feel confident in your self defence abilities then practicing regularly is key.

Our participants enjoy learning in small group sizes so each individual has personal teacher attention. You don't get lost at the back of the group. We pride ourselves in open learning where every question is important and will be answered in class to the best of our ability.

We use styles from multiple martial arts to gain advantages in a range of scenarios.

And most importantly, we're serious about empowerment.

Safe & Fun Self Defence Classes

Frequently Asked Questions about Self Defence

What is the legal definition of self defence?

In Australia, the legal definition of self-defence involves a combination of subjective and objective tests, where the accused must have believed their actions were necessary to defend themselves or others, and those actions must be reasonable in the circumstances.

The definition of self-defence varies slightly across different states and territories, but it generally allows a person to use reasonable force to protect themselves or others from harm.

Key Aspects of Self-Defence Law in Australia:

Reasonable Belief: The person claiming self-defence must have believed on reasonable grounds that their actions were necessary to protect themselves or another person from harm. This belief must be both subjectively held by the accused and objectively reasonable from the perspective of an ordinary person in the same situation​.

Proportionate Response: The response must be proportionate to the threat faced. For example, using a similar level of force as the threat is generally considered reasonable, whereas a significantly greater use of force may not be justified. The principle of proportionality ensures that the defensive action matches the level of danger presented​.

Please keep in mind, this was not written by a lawyer so consult a professional if you have any questions. 

Can I carry a weapon for self defence?

Self-defence is not a lawful excuse for carrying controlled weapon or dangerous articles. See: police.vic.gov.au

Can I carry capsicum or pepper spray to protect myself?

No. It is not legal to carry any article designed or adapted to discharge an offensive, noxious or irritant liquid, powder, gas or chemical so as to cause disability, incapacity or harm to another person.

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