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Home Invasion Tips - Featured on Channel 10s The Project

On Monday 18th of Feb 2019 I received a phone call from Rose, a producer on channel 10’s The Project. She made me aware that there was an incident on the news about an intruder breaking into a house. After a scuffle with the homeowner the intruder died. Police are investigating the incident and took the homeowner in for questioning.

We discussed some points about self defence and what could people do to protect themselves. My advice to all people who want to learn basic self defence is simple.

A list of home invasion tips from Self Defence Hub as featured on Channel 10s The Project

  1. If you can run, RUN.
  2. If you can’t run, then HIDE.
  3. If you can’t do any of the above,
  4. take a BREATH
  5. and get ready to FIGHT!

Watch the full segment here:

I also gave some practical examples of everyday items people can use.

Tactical Torch

I would highly recommend getting a tactical torch that is very bright. If you shine a bright touch in someone’s eyes then that might give you enough time to get away. If they can’t see you then they can’t grab you.

  1. M1X Striker is an aggressive touch that is very bright and has a crown bezel so this is also enough to scratch surfaces you strike. – around $80 AUD
  2. Acebeam L16 is a really bright torch that also has a small bezel – around $150 AUD

Edit - we have a small tactical torch available in our shop. Simply click here to view more information.

thumb small tactical torch 4

Deodorant Spray

Have something that you can spray in someone’s eyes. If you have a deodorant spray you can use this in a pinch to obstruct sight and make a run for it.

Rolled Up Magazine

If you roll up one of your thick magazines, you can use the butt of this with a hammer fist strike (make a fist with the magazine in your hand and move the bottom of the magazine in a downward motion like a hammer). This will save you from injuring yourself if you need to use a strike.


This is a good one particularly if you have around 5 or so keys on your keychain. Hold all the keys in your fist and use the hammer fist strike. DO NOT put the keys in between your knuckles. This will really hurt you if you try to punch someone with keys in between your fingers.

There were other things we covered in the phone call but once we recorded the interview, we had to condense it to a few questions only. By the time the segment aired, it was reduced to a few sentences. This is why I thought it was important to write this blog post so that I can clearly get the full message across to those wanting to learn more.

The Project Home Invasion Self Defence TipsClick here to watch the full video on YouTube

Written by Andre Conate
Posted 03 April 2019

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